LiveView authentication using phx.gen.auth part 2


In this post I will be refactoring the settings form to use LiveView.


This is a continuation from part one

Part 1

I initial tried to convert the registration form to use liveview; however, I ran into issues handling user session so I have decided to refactor the settings form.

After wrangling with the code for a bit I came to realize that maybe for user registration form liveview might not be the best solution. But not all hope is lost there are potential solutions to this, see below:

  1. Chris McCord provides a way to pass info from conn to socket
  2. Toran Billups walks through his solution for liveview authentication

Part 2

In this video we'll setup our live route, liveview module and leex form template

Part 3

We finally complete refactoring a subset of the setting form to use liveview.